ATC Custom Thin Film Circuits

American Technical Ceramics (ATC)

ATC // AVX is pleased to introduce the combined resources of ATC’s Jacksonville, Florida and AVX’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Thin Film product groups. This allows us to offer a wide range of custom hybrid circuits along with thin film resistors, capacitors, inductors, as well as lumped element and distributed filters, integrated passives, modules, heat sinks, and other unique thin film microelectronic solutions.

Design, Fabrication, Assembly and RF Testing

Jacksonville Thin Film Products Since 1993

ATC Thin Film Products, located in Jacksonville, FL, has been supplying a broad spectrum of high reliability metalized hybrid circuits. Designers can select from a wide variety of substrate materials, as well as vias, crossovers and bridges. Whether built to print or designed to a performance specification, the experienced engineering staff is available to assist in optimizing your product. In addition, two-sided assembly and RF testing to 40 GHz are value-added services. AS-9100 certification ensures conformance with existing military and aerospace requirements.

Combined Capabilities

  • Design: Modeling (HFSS), simulation (Genesys) and CAD (Tanner)
  • Substrates: 1 inch square to 6 inch round (150 mm) wafers
  • Typical materials: Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Beryllium Oxide,
    Silicon, (N, P, and N+), Quartz, Glass, Glass- Ceramic, Sapphire,
    Ferrites and Titanates
  • Metalizations:
    Sputtered: Al, Au, Cr, Cu, Ni(V),
    Pt, TaN, Ti and TiW
    Plated: Electrolytic Cu, Ni, Au;
    Electroless Cu, Au
  • Resistors: High Ohmic SiCr and TaN
    resistors in laser trimmable designs
  • Capacitors: Si02, SiON and BCB
    dielectrics in laser trimmable designs
  • Inductors: Multilevel and multiturn copper and gold inductors
  • Routing: True Air Bridges and Dielectric Crossovers
  • Passivation Materials: SiON, Si3N4, BCB and polyimide
  • Vias: Sputtered, enhanced plated, filled and castellations
  • I/Os: BGA, LGA, edge wrap, through via and wire or ribbon bond
  • Machining:
    CO2 cutting, drilling, and scribing
    Diamond-saw dicing
    Back grinding and polishing
  • Assembly:
    High precision 0201 or larger pick and place
    Attachment via wire or ribbon bonding, BGA, LGA
    or surface mount reflow
  • Testing:
    MIL-STD-105D level II sampling
    MIL-STD-883 100% visual inspection
    Capacitance, insulation resistance and resistivity
    RF testing to 40 GHz