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Radiocrafts 802.15.4 Wi-Fi and ZigBee Modules

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ZigBee Smart Energy (SE) Modules  -  RC2400(HP)-ZNM-SE

Compact ZigBee module dedicated for Smart Energy application (ZNM-SE). The module is based on a ZigBee PRO compliant platform and offers a complete ZigBee PRO protocol included added support for the ZigBee Smart Energy profile. 

ZigBee - and ZigBee SE  -  RC241x(HP)

A complete ZigBee module supporting Full Function Device (FFD) and Reduced Function Device (RFD) operation with IEEE 802.15.4 compliant PHY and MAC layers. The compact shielded module is optionally available with an integrated antenna or RF connector.  SMALL SIZE:  16.4mm x 36.5mm x 3.5mm.

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